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I have been patiently waiting to share exciting news with the world. Earlier this year I co-authored a healthy workout and nutrition guide with Fabufit’s Wardah Hartley. She was nearing the end of her pregnancy when our project began while my pregnancy journey was beginning!

Pregnancy announcement

I am now in my second trimester and am so glad that I’ve been well equipped with knowledge around the symptoms of pregnancy! I was incredibly tired and rather nauseas in the mornings and evenings which is why I have been so quiet on the blogging front.

Apart from an unusually strong craving for cottage cheese with chives, I’ve had almost no food aversions. Like many women, I have found coffee less appealing but I do still enjoy one cup a day. In our guide, I have explained that women can still enjoy coffee while pregnant so long as they keep their total caffeine intake to less than 200mg. One cup of coffee a day fits well within this limit.

Fabufit workout and nutrition guide

I have been doing many of the exercises from our guide. My gynae has given me the full go ahead to exercise as usual as long as I can carry on a conversation. This is a really useful reference for me as I get out of breath much faster than before the pregnancy. I have found interesting differences between the information given to me by my gynae and the information given to Wardah from her gynae. It has driven home the importance of listening to your health professional – you have chosen them and need to trust their advice for you. We are all different and there are often good reasons why we are given different information. If you have questions around your eating or exercise during pregnancy please make sure you write these down before your appointment, pregnancy brain is a real thing and you may forget to raise important topics during your exciting first appointments.

Want to buy our guide? It’s available on the Fabufit website under the shop section. We have enjoyed the project so much we are already working on the next one.

I have a backlog of interviews to post including an amazing chef from the Midlands and a nutritionist from Australia. I look forward to sharing them with you soon as I get back into my usual rhythm!

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