I am Nathalie,
your dietitian

I understand that we live in a world with fast food and time constraints and endeavour to find a way to help my clients improve their health, one mouthful at a time.

About Nathalie

Sustainable and personalized

No cookie cutter approaches here! I want to help you find the right fit for your body given your preferences, lifestyle and health concerns.

Food first approach

As far as possible food is given preference over supplementation.

Based in science

Nutrition science evolves over time.
I help you understand how the latest nutrition science applies to you.

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Individual dietitian consultation


Are you looking for a one-on-one counselling session with a dietitian?

Do you have questions you would like a dietitian to answer?

Do you want to manage your health concerns using your food?


Dietitian for corporates


Are you looking for an engaging and exciting speaker for your wellness day?

Does your canteen need assitance creating a balanced, healthy menu?

Do you need nutrition-related content written by a qualified health professional?


Dietitian for media


Are you a journalist looking for expert opinion on recently published studies?

Do you need a balanced, evidence-based view on the latest fad diet?

Do you need a confident speaker for radio or television? 


Together we will find the right nutrition fit for you.


TB – Journalist

“Nathalie goes a step beyond what is required of her, explaining her insights thoroughly. It was a pleasure to work with her!“


NC – Client

“With Nathalie’s guidance, constant encouragement and support and helping me celebrate the when my waistline has decreased, I know that my life can only improve from here.“


JH – Client

“Working with Nathalie for the last couple of years has been excellent. I highly recommend Nathalie.“

Informed Appetite:

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I have been patiently waiting to share exciting news with the world. Earlier this year I co-authored a healthy workout and nutrition guide with Fabufit’s Wardah Hartley. She was nearing the end of her pregnancy when our project began while my pregnancy journey was beginning! I am now in my second trimester and am so […]

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Let go of diet fads, and get ready to find your own recipe for health.
Think of me as your nutrition cheerleader, here to support you and guide you so that you can:

Listen to your body

Learn to tell the difference between hunger, boredom or procrastination. Feel the full range of hunger to fullness and learn when it is time to eat and stop eating.

Manage your energy and productivity

Your nutrition fuels your brain’s performance which in turn affects how you feel and perform.

Manage change

As we progress through life, our body changes. We cannot rewind time to get our body back but we can work with our body here and now to find the right nutrition fit for it.

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Nathalie is registered with the HPSCA and is a spokesperson for ADSA


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