"There has never been as much nutrition information available, there has also never been as much confusion about a healthy diet."

Almost every week there is a new diet that promises to cure cancer, slim us down or make us fall pregnant. Everyone is a nutrition expert and many of these experts have conflicting ideas. How do you know who to trust?

A dietitian is a nutrition expert. A dietitian uses nutrition research to help individuals or groups make healthy food choices appropriate to them. With a dietitian’s help, individuals can learn how to help manage their blood pressure, cholesterol, diabetes or osteoporosis using their diet. Pregnant women can make sure they are meeting their nutrient requirements without exceeding their weight gain goals. Families can be sure they are all making healthy food choices for optimal growth. Organizations can be sure their menu’s; canteen and vending machines are appropriate for their goals. A dietitian is the ideal spokesperson to discuss nutritional questions in the public press.

In short: “If It’s about nutrition, ask a dietitian” (Association for Dietetics in South Africa)

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