• Corporate wellness
  • Professional speaking
  • Nutrition consulting
  • Food service consulting
Corporate wellness

For corporate wellness days, I am able to provide a range of services from presentations and demonstrations to Vitality Nutrition Assessments. The services I offer at wellness days usually include: health screenings, nutrition workshops and measurements of key physical attributes such as weight, height, waist circumference and body fat percentage. I am registered with the Discovery Vitality Network and can provide Vitality Nutrition Assessments as part of your wellness day. I have partnered with Hannah Raath Biokinetics who are also able to provide Vitality Fitness assessments or other exercise-related services, should you require them. 

My ongoing corporate wellness programs are tailored to the needs of the company for example “biggest loser” style group interventions or ongoing dietitian care in the work place. Where appropriate, dietetic services can be incorporated into an existing employee assistance program (EAP) onsite. I also provide consultations with in-house catering. This may include an adjustment of cooking techniques, revision of the canteen menu, revision of in-meeting snacks as well as snack cart and vending machine recommendations.

Professional speaking

I have experience talking to a wide range of audiences. I am able to distil complex scientific information into plain and simple language. I am hugely enthusiastic about nutrition information and healthy living and my relaxed speaking style translates into a professional speaker that is both informative and engaging.

Nutrition consulting

I am able to prepare objective and evidence-based literature reviews on a variety of topics. I can also develop nutrition-related consumer information for package inserts, website information, advertising and other documents.

Food service consulting

I offer other services, including recipe and menu analysis for small to large food service units (commercial kitchens). I am also able to develop menus for existing institutions.

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Parkwood Medical Centre, 46 Ashford Road, Parkwood.

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Nathalie is registered with the HPSCA and is a spokesperson for ADSA


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