• Full nutritional assessment and meal plan
  • Follow up appointments
  • Mini-nutrition assessment – previously Vitality assessment
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Full nutritional assessment and meal plan

A full nutritional assessment is the starting point for an individual, couple or family who wants to understand their current eating habits and how these can be adapted to reach their health goals. A full nutritional assessment and meal plan consists of two appointments. 

The first appointment is 80-90 minutes long during which your medical history, family medical history, lifestyle, current eating habits, medication and supplement use, and physical measurements are assessed. I want to understand your goals, your lifestyle as well as your preferences. 

The second appointment is usually 30 minutes long during which I go through the bespoke meal plan I have created for you. The meal plan includes a 5-day menu with appropriate portion sizes, recipes and guidelines. Suggested supplements are also included if needed.

Follow up appointments

Regular follow-up visits have been linked to greater achievement of health goals. The goal of follow-up visits is to improve adherence to new dietary and lifestyle behaviours. My role is to support you, to help make these new behaviours stick and to keep you motivated along the journey.

Mini-nutrition assessment – previously Vitality assessment

This is the ideal assessment for a person that has one or two focused nutrition questions that they would like answered without the need for a meal plan. The topic is driven by your health goals. Included in the assessment if desired is a report from the inbody scale. A summary email is sent out with the key points from the session. If the assessment is for Vitality points, these are claimed by submitting the invoice for the session to the medical aid and the points reflect automatically. You can earn 1000 points for a mini-nutrition assessment for seeing a dietitian once per year.

Please note that I recommend a full nutrition assessment with a dietitian if you want to address weight loss, hormone imbalance, body dissatisfaction, lifestyle diseases such as high blood pressure, elevated cholesterol and blood sugar issues. While these can be addressed at the surface level in a mini-nutrition assessment, much more can be achieved working together over a longer timeframe.

Other services

My services as a dietitian are varied beyond those listed above. I am available for a range of other services from shopping tours to facilitating “biggest loser” competitions. If you are interested in a service that has not been listed, please do not hesitate to contact me to see if the service is available.

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