For Individuals

Have you been on every diet under the sun and want one that is tailored specifically to you, your health needs and tastes? Are you confused by all the contradictory information on nutrition and would like someone to make sense of how new research applies to you? Have you been diagnosed with a new condition for example high blood pressure, high cholesterol or diabetes and want to know how to use your diet to manage your condition? You may benefit from a one-on-one consultation with a dietitian. Please see the list of services below to see which one is appropriate for you. You are welcome to call either practice if you have some unanswered questions about seeing a dietitian. If you are ready to make an appointment, you can click here to make an appointment or click here for the practice contact details.

Full nutritional assessment and meal plan

A full nutritional assessment is the starting point for an individual who wants to understand their current eating habits and how these can be adapted to reach their health goals. A full nutritional assessment and meal plan consists of two appointments.The first appointment is 80 minutes long during which your medical history, family medical history, lifestyle, current eating habits, medication and supplement use, and physical measurements are assessed. Issues identified during the assessment are addressed through nutrition education in the initial appointment.The second appointment is usually 20 minutes long during which we go through the bespoke meal plan we have created for you. The meal plan includes a 7-day menu with appropriate portion sizes, recipes and guidelines.

Follow up appointments

Regular follow-up visits have been linked to greater achievement of health goals. The goal of follow-up visits is to motivate you and keep you on track with new dietary and lifestyle behaviours. Follow up visits also allow for the adjustment of meal plans where necessary by building on successes and limiting less successful practices. Follow up appointments are generally 20 minutes long.

Mini-nutrition assessment - replaces vitality nutrition assessment

This assessment is for those that have nutrition questions but are not looking for a full dietetic work-up. Please choose this assessment if you have clear-cut questions or a topic you would like some assistance understanding. If you are looking for a personalized nutrition plan including recipes, a meal plan and supplements if needed, select a full nutrition assessment.

For the mini-nutrition assessment, we will spend 30 minutes exploring your topic of interest. An accurate weight, height, waist circumference and body fat will be taken if desired. Discovery members are able to claim Vitality points for a dietitian consultation 30 minutes or longer in length. To claim 1000 points, members submit their invoice to the medical aid in the same way they would to claim for payment.

Looking to get more points? There is a dentist and biokineticist at the Melrose North Medical and Dental Centre – talk to us about making an appointment with them too.

Nutrition for Executives

Energy and productivity are key requirements for high functioning professionals. We can help you manage health concerns such as high blood pressure, high cholesterol, stress and fatigue through nutrition. Our goal is to find a nutrition plan that fits into your busy lifestyle without being restrictive. We will design a nutrition plan to meet your specific health concerns and lifestyle.

Diabetes Care

You have been given specific glycaemic (blood sugar) targets by your doctor but may not know exactly how to achieve these. Our goal is to help you understand your unique blood sugar response to food and lifestyle changes. Learn how to incorporate carbohydrates without fear while minimizing big swings in glycaemic control. We help people with diabetes make food choices with confidence and provide strategies to bring blood sugar back under control. Diabetes management requires personalized, empathetic care to achieve optimal long-term outcomes. We are here to support you in the long term.

Vegetarian or plant-based nutrition

People are eating less animal products for health and ethical reasons. Whether you are a vegetarian, a vegan or are simply looking to eat more plant-based meals, it is important that a balanced plant-based diet is followed to achieve sufficient protein and nutrient intakes. We can help you plan a diet that is ethically sound, has a low carbon foot print and meets your nutrient requirements all while being delicious.

Women’s health

Being a woman is tough, we understand that and want to make the nutrition part as easy as possible. We have a special interest in all women’s issues from teenage nutrition; fertility including polycystic ovarian syndrome, pre- and post-pregnancy nutrition; thyroid issues; menopause. Your body is different to other women’s bodies and we want to help you unlock your unique nutrition recipe for health.

Optifast program

Some people may benefit from a medically supervised very low-calorie diet. We are trained to use the Optifast product range. For those that meet the criteria for the program, we have a protocol that not only facilitates use of the optifast products but also teaches strategies to manage health in the long term. People who complete the protocol will feel empowered to sustain healthy eating following significant weight loss.

Please call to chat to one of our dietitians to see if you meet the criteria for the Optifast program.

Other services

Our services as a dietitian are varied beyond those listed above. We are available for a range of other services from shopping tours to facilitating “biggest loser” competitions. If you are interested in a service that has not been listed, please do not hesitate to contact us to see if the service is available.