Can I claim my dietitian’s visit from medical aid?

Last week, Sharon asked if she can claim the cost of her appointment from medical aid.

Nathalie Mat, Registered Dietitian is a cash practice meaning that you pay after your appointment and then claim back from your medical aid afterwards. Most medical aids will refund you from your medical savings, if you don’t have medical savings (as with a hospital plan) it is unlikely that they will refund you.

The amount refunded varies from one medical aid to the next, please give us a call or send an email and we’ll give you the treatment codes so that you can check with your specific medical aid.

Will you answer my nutrition question?

Do you have a nutrition question that you want answered but do not know if you need to see a dietitian to get it answered?

Every day I am bombarded with nutrition-related questions. Some of them are quick and easy to answer, some of them require a bit more time. This part of my website is dedicated to answering your questions. Please email me your question. I will answer you and if it’s a question I think other people will appreciate knowing the answer to, I will post both your question and my answer (with your details protected of course).

I look forward to your emails!